Deidre hall naked. Finally, Midir agreed to return Etain to Eochaid, if Eochaid could pick out Etain, from other fifty maidens who looked like his wife.


Beverlee never wanted to return to AW.

Yes, thanks to Pat's nephew hee-hee.

Killing Maureen without a backup plan was moronic.

Then showed up wearing red, and then said she nothing else to wear.

They should not be making young girls feel guilty because she needs to go to the bathroom and sort out her basic care.

Hall wrote for SOD.

She was married in the article.

I know of the relationship with Fanny and how Rita Mae broke them up but any other gossip?

Colleen Zenk Pinter looks amazing, especially given her personal battles 2 rounds of cancer, divorce.

Ruby was Norma under other, very specific, circumstances--which is, in a nutshell, the clue to all great acting.

Kelly Brook 20